We believe that it is very important to agree remuneration with our clients at the outset. Our charges are transparent and agreed prior to any costs being incurred by our clients.

There is an implementation fee of up to £1,500, including further investments and/or pension transfers. For ongoing services, there is an annual fee of 0.75% of the value of the portfolio.

For example, an investment of £100,000 would involve an initial fee of up to £1,500.

A fund value of £100,000 would involve an ongoing annual fee of £750.

These charges will typically be made by deduction from the portfolio, though you may opt to pay direct via cheque or bank transfer, in which case, please let us know.

There may be circumstances where it would be more appropriate to charge for our services on a direct fee basis. In this situation, we charge our services at £250 per hour for variable work, plus a fee retainer for ongoing services dependent on the size of the fund under management. We will advise you whether VAT is payable.

For protection business we will discuss the relevant fees or commissions at that time and prior to any work being undertaken.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more:

Bernard Barrett Associates Ltd, PO Box 13052, London WC2B 5QW - Telephone: 0207 240 5155