Investment Process

Our aim is to try and maximise the returns you receive on your investments. We do this whilst minimising risk, by improving returns through fund selection and asset allocation.  We look to make your portfolio as tax-efficient as possible.


Risk Tolerance and Asset Allocation

We undertake a thorough risk profiling exercise to gain an understanding of your risk appetite, and also your capacity for loss.  We would then hold a further discussion to go through the results of the exercise, also taking into account your personal and financial situation and your objectives, including any ethical investment criteria you may wish to consider, before agreeing with you your attitude to risk.  At that point, we are able to identify an asset allocation strategy which, based on your attitude to risk, provides you with:

  • An efficient investment strategy
  • An appropriate level of growth potential
  • An appropriate level of capital protection


Investment portfolio

On determining the appropriate asset allocation, we identify the most suitable tax wrappers to ensure your investments are held as tax-efficiently as possible.

Your portfolio of underlying investment funds is then selected, which may involve specific funds, a risk-rated portfolio, or a combination of asset classes.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more:

Bernard Barrett Associates Ltd, PO Box 13052, London WC2B 5QW - Telephone: 0207 240 5155